My name is Nic, and I am really excited to be joining the Avonhead Tennis Club as the new head coach!

A little bit about myself, I’m also currently the head coach at Edgeware Tennis Club and have been now for the past three seasons. I also have my own coaching business called ‘Elevate Tennis’ where I run both private lessons and group programmes for all ages and abilities.

I had a successful junior career where I was ranked inside the top 10 in New Zealand throughout 14’s and 16’s age groups, as well as representing Canterbury and travelling overseas for International tournaments. Unfortunately, I had two long-term injuries between 16-18yrs which impacted me furthering my tennis but my continued passion for the sport has evolved into tennis coaching. 

My coaching style is insightful and forward-thinking, with a strong focus on technique, tactics and mindset. I have a high attention to detail and understand that each player has their own needs/preferences that I accommodate for. I have experience coaching high-performance players in our region, however I enjoy the variety of coaching all abilities and believe anyone can improve their tennis!