General Rules

Court usage

All seniors have preference over Juniors on Saturday afternoons and after 5pm on weekdays, except for Fridays.
when Juniors can use the floodlit courts until 7pm
When members are waiting for games, players must not occupy the courts for more than ONE hour, unless a ladder or championship match is being played.
Court etiquette will apply at all times. Members can be suspended for misbehaviour.


Only members paying a full year’s subscription can qualify for interclub teams.
All financial members receive a membership ‘sticker’ that is placed on the tennis racquet.
They are also given a PIN number to unlock the gate. This number must be kept confidential.


Tennis shoes must be worn at all times, on the courts.
Appropriate tennis clothing must be worn during club times. Not necessarily whites, but tidy.


Strictly prohibited on the courts or in pavilion.


Cycles, skateboards and activities other than tennis are prohibited on the courts.